Best Plants for Bathroom Smells (With Pet-Friendly Options)

Did you know that bathroom plants can do more than just make your home’s most important room look beautiful? They can eradicate embarrassing or unpleasant smells as well! It’s true! Certain bathroom plants can suck up nasty odors and toxins, infusing your home with fresh, clean, oxygenated air that makes your bathroom smell completely clean.

Instead of investing in chemical-filled aerosols that make your used bathroom smell like some kind of fruit cereal nightmare, why not pick up some lovely greenery that will do the trick for you the natural way?

Unlock the power of plants with these powerhouse blooms and greens that will remove smells and restore a sense of peace and harmony to your bathroom.

Best Plants To Get Rid Of Bathroom Smells

In Homes Without PETS

If your home is occupied by humans only, one of the best plants that you can invest in is the stately and lovely Peace Lily.

Peace Lily for bathroom

This beautiful white and green plant is a natural odor-reliever that takes toxins and scents out of your air and replaces them with fresh oxygen.

Not only are peace lilies beautiful, but they are relatively easy to take care of and look attractive in just about any space.

Invest in a lovely pot that compliments your bathroom color scheme and you have a plant that does double-duty as a decoration and stink fighter!

In Homes with PAWS

If you’ve got cats or dogs (or both), the above mentioned Peace Lily is out of the question! Instead, opt for a Boston Fern.

Ferns are a fabulous addition to your bathroom because they thrive in moisture-rich environments and look fantastic.

Like the Peace Lily, a Boston Ferns will suck up bathroom odors and you don’t need to do too much to keep them happy.

In fact, if your bathroom shower is used at least once a day, your Boston Fern may never need to be watered! They could potentially survive their entire lives with just the steam produced by each shower. How’s that for low maintenance!

Honorable Mention Bathroom Plant

Whether you’ve got pets or not, another great choice for a bathroom plant is an established Lady Palm. This palm variety can be finicky when they are young, so only place these in a bathroom once your plant is an adult. Then, monitor it regularly.

Lady Palms are on the pet-friendly plant list and they are known best for their ability to absorb “ammonia” scents, such as those odors associated with urine – especially useful in you have a litter box in the bathroom.

Flower Route for Bathroom Odors

You can also compliment odor absorbing plants with a fragrant flowering plant in your bathroom setup. If that’s something you’d like to do, our top pick is the oh so aromatic: Jasmin.

Jasmin wins best in bathroom show because the blooms are highly fragrant and they are not known for being toxic to family cats and dogs.

Remember, even though a plant might be non-toxic, never allow your pets to have full access to house plants. Pets can have allergies we just don’t know about and anything could cause gastro-intestinal upset.

How To Keep Plants Prospering In Your Bathroom

Many plants are as happy as clams in your bathroom. You don’t have to do too much to help them thrive, and many, like ferns, don’t even need to be watered. The misty atmosphere of your bathroom might be more than sufficient to keep these plants happy.

The one thing that you should do is make sure that your plants are getting enough sun. Set them up near a nice, airy window so that they can soak in those good rays while fighting unpleasant smells in your bathroom.

Keep your plants happy, and they will reward you by fighting odors and providing a sense of peace and tranquility in your bathroom.

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